A list of all stock ideas published by Simons Chase that could be considered by the SEC as recommendations

BPRMF - “The Emerging Robotics Process Automation (RPA) Industry” - April 2019

TRHC - “Why U.S. Political Risk Should be A Factor in Portfolio Risk Budgets” - April 2019

TSLA - “Musk Brings Enormity Back To The Speculative Genre” - November 2018

CGC - “Here Is A Publicly Traded Cannabis Company You Can Get Behind” - September 2017

XON - “Intrexon: A Case Study In How To Invest Like A VC” - January 2014

SODA - “Two Perspectives On Food Innovation: Sodastream Vs. Monster Beverage” - September 2013

SU - “Suncor Energy By The Numbers” - January 2012

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